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Medicine Courier To USA | Send Medicines Abroad From Jaipur

Are you searching for an International Medicine Courier Service?

TechnoZing Express Shipping Medicines from Jaipur to any part of the world including the USA, Canada, UAE, Australia, Oman Singapore, Ireland, Germany, France, London and Worldwide with Express Medicine Delivery Service.

If you’re an NRI and want us to arrange and deliver the medicine to your address in a foreign country, we provide a facility for that as well. Just email us your requirement, we’ll inquire about the cost and availability of the medicine and let you know. After receiving the payment and confirmation of the order, we’ll procure the medication from the chemist and ship it to the designated location as soon as we get it.

Send Medicine Courier Abroad From Jaipur:

Getting much-needed medicine in time can be a lifesaving experience, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But most courier companies find international shipping of medicine tricky and often charge an expensive rate. At TechnoZing Express, you can find affordable rates to courier your medicines from anywhere in Jaipur.

There are two ways to send medicines:

  • You can send us the medicine list along with the doctor’s prescription for the same and we will procure it on your behalf.
  • In case you already have the medicine, you can schedule a pick-up for the same and our staff will collect it from the given address.

Required Documents for medicine courier from India :

There are strict laws in place in almost every country when it comes to sending medicines. To ensure that all the laws and regulations are properly followed for a hassle-free courier of your medicine parcel, you will need to provide certain documents.

The following documents should be at the ready if you want to send medicines from India:

  • Legitimate doctor’s prescription.
  • Purchase receipt of the bill of the medicine(s).
  • Addresses of both the sender and the recipient.
  • Two KYC documents of the sender.
  • Patient passport photo on both sides.

Please note: TechnoZing Express does not send medical equipment and oxygen concentrators to any country. Medical equipment can only be sent on a no-compensation basis and in compliance with the strict rules of the destination country (country to where it’s being imported).

We Provide Free Home/Office Pickup & Packing Service In Jaipur

Why Choose TechnoZing Express to send your parcels?

  • Door Step Pickup – TechnoZing Express offers a free home pick up service.
  • Online Tracking – You can track your shipments with ease and follow up with minute-to-minute updates.
  • Screening – TechnoZing Express ensures that all the outgoing packages are screened multiple times.
  • Documentation – Documentation is one of the most important steps prior to sending the freight. In fact, errors in this step might result in the complete rejection of your shipment.
  • On-Time Delivery – TechnoZing Express ensures that all packages reach on time.
  • 24/7 Support – The support team is always available for any kind of help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are the documents required to send medicines to the USA?

  • Doctor’s prescription and Letter or certificate stating the illness and all the necessary medicines prescribed for the patients.
  • One original and one photocopy of the medical bill (GST Invoice)
  • If you’re sending Ayurvedic medicines, please include a letter containing the details of ‘mixture preparation’.
  • Patient passport copy front and backside.

Q. Can medicines be couriered to the UK?

  • Yes, prescription medicine can be sent through an international courier to the UK from India.

Q. Can I send medicine from India to Canada?

  • Yes, you can send medicine to Canada from India with valid doctor prescriptions and bills.

Q. Can I send Ayurvedic medicine or herbs from India to Australia?

  • Yes, it is possible to send Ayurveda medicines to Australia from India.

Q. What type of medicine can you send to Singapore from India?

  • There are several types of medicines, both dry and liquid, that you can send to Singapore from India. For example, you can send prescription allopathic medicines, lozenges, herbs, ointment, injections, syringes, eye and ear drops and more.

Q. Which courier is best for medicine?

  • TechnoZing Express – We are delivering medicines shipment worldwide from India with a 100% success rate.

Q. Can I send medicine from Jaipur to the USA?

  • Yes, Generic medicine can be shipped from Jaipur to the USA with a valid prescription & bill.

For pickup give us a call at +91- 955-555-7095 or shoot us a mail at and we’ll do the rest.