Courier To Australia From Delhi

Australia, the gorgeous island nation, is home to over 22 million people, with 3/4th of the population residing on the east coast of the main island. If all these days, you have been under the impression that just a handful of Indians reside in this most beautiful country of Oceania, you’re wrong. After sending hundreds of couriers to Australia from Delhi, we can safely conclude that a lot of our brothers and sisters are inhabitants of this beautiful country. The main reason behind thousands of Indians living in Australia is its proximity to Asian countries. The country has a strong economy and encourages trade and businesses. Even the quality of life, healthcare, and life expectancy make Australia one of the favourite countries to live in.

If you also have friends and families residing in Australia and are looking for the cheapest courier services to deliver packages from Delhi to Australia, you have landed at the right place. TechnoZing Express will help you send your goods to your loved ones in Australia at nominal rates. We will deliver your parcel to anywhere in Australia, be it Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and more.

Import Restrictions In Australia:

Australia has some strict rules and regulations related to importing goods. Australia relies heavily on its agriculture. Hence several things that are even allowed are subjected to quarantine and inspection.

Australian Import Service keeps a close eye on all the food items and agriculture products being imported into the country. Also, you cannot ship dairy products, meat, plants and soil to Australia in order to maintain the cleanliness standards of the country. This doesn’t stop here. Australian authorities also inspect all the vehicles that enter the country. They do not clear the vehicle until it’s thoroughly cleaned of foreign soil. And it applies to every item that comes in contact with soil, such as bicycles, gardening equipment, and outdoor furniture.

Items You Cannot Import To Australia:

There are a couple of items completely prohibited from importing to Australia, and no one can even attempt to ship these items without obtaining permits or understanding the allowable parameters. These include:

  • Cloned embryos
  • Tools designed to help people commit suicide
  • Pesticides
  • Weapons
  • Diamonds
  • Tobacco
  • Explosives
  • Illicit or prescription drugs
  • Toys

You can find the full list of prohibited items here

Packing Advice For Sending Courier To Australia

Volumetric weight, also called dimensional weight or DIM can be used in cases when the area a shipment or parcel takes on the aircraft costs more than the actual weight of the shipment.

How to calculate the dimensional or volumetric weight of a shipment?

To calculate the exact volumetric weight of the shipment, multiply the length x height x width in cm and divide the result by 5000 and the result will be the total volumetric weight of the box or shipment.

Send Medicine Courier To Australia From Delhi NCR

If you have someone living in Australia or any part of Australia, TechnoZing Express International can deliver your urgent medicine shipments to your loved ones within a week. There are few things to consider before sending medicines to Australia from Delhi. Medicine can only be couriered if the medicine is prescribed by a registered doctor, medicine bill is mandatory to send by courier.

What are the documents required to send a medicine courier from Delhi to Australia? 

Only prescribed medicine can be sent via courier and for that, the original doctor prescription and bill (GST Invoice) is a must. Doctor prescription and bill should & must be on the name of receiver/patient whom you want to send the medicine shipment in Australia.

Fast, Efficient And Timely Delivery Of All Shipments

Timely delivery is of great essence when it comes to a courier company. It can make or break the company. A delivery that’s a little too late can not only be a loss for the customer but also negatively impact the company, losing potential customers. Another advantage when you prefer us over others is timeliness. We are known to deliver your couriers on time, every time. We’re often before time, but we’re never late! Timeliness matters to us as much as it does to you, and you can keep your reliance on us not only for quality but also for our timeliness.

But most importantly, we provide your excellent service at a very competitive price. We give our quality work, but we do not ask for any more money than we deserve, and we make sure that you get what you are paying for.

Courier To Sydney From Delhi

So whether you want to send a package to Sydney or Canberra, call us at 00919555557095 and we will do the needful. Alternatively, you can even send us a WhatsApp message on the same number and we will collect the parcel from your home or office within 24 hours.

Our team of exceptionally trained and qualified transport consultants won’t solely give you the solutions for your difficult freight needs, they even conjointly supply a wide selection of choices among that you’ll select any that suits your schedule and budget.

Whether you want to send some important files and documents, essential items, gifts or any other items to your family and friends in Australia from Delhi, your trust in TechnoZing Express is well-placed and will prove to be rewarding every time.

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