Courier Service To Europe

Indians are scattered all over the world, which includes Europe as well. Hence, Europe is one of the most sought-after destinations Indians look to send packages and parcels. So if you’re one of those people looking for some cheap international courier service to Europe from Delhi/NCR to send gifts, documents or even medicines to your friends or family residing in Europe, Technozing Express can help you. Technozing Express has access to all the regions of Europe, both by road delivery and airmail to help your package reach its destination.


Areas Covered For International Courier Service To Europe From Delhi, NCR, Gurgaon:

We cover the following European countries in our courier service:





 Albania Tirana  Andorra Andorra la Vella
 Austria Vienna  Belarus Minsk
 Belgium Brussels  Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo
 Bulgaria Sofia  Croatia Zagreb
 Czech Republic Prague  Denmark Copenhagen
 Estonia Tallinn  Faroe Islands (overseas territory of Denmark) Tórshavn
 Finland Helsinki  France Paris
 Germany Berlin  Gibraltar (overseas territory of the United Kingdom) Gibraltar[5]
 Greece Athens  Guernsey (British crown dependency) Saint Peter Port
 Hungary Budapest  Iceland Reykjavík
 Ireland Dublin  Isle of Man (British crown dependency) Douglas
 Italy Rome  Jersey (British crown dependency) Saint Helier
 Kosovo Pristina  Latvia Riga
 Liechtenstein Vaduz  Lithuania Vilnius
 Luxembourg Luxembourg  Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Skopje
 Malta Valletta  Moldova Chisinau
 Monaco Monaco  Montenegro Podgorica
 Netherlands Amsterdam (seat of government at The Hague)  Norway Oslo
 Poland Warsaw  Portugal Lisbon
 Romania Bucharest  Russia Moscow
 San Marino San Marino  Serbia Belgrade
 Slovakia Bratislava  Slovenia Ljubljana
 Spain Madrid  Sweden Stockholm
 Switzerland Berne  Ukraine Kiev
 United Kingdom London  Vatican City Vatican City

Do I need Customs Documents For Package To Europe?

You won’t need any customs document for most of the destinations in Europe. And if any need arises, we will take care of it. While booking package delivery to countries which require customs documents, we will provide you with a form, which you’ll have to fill, print and attach to the box.

You can either contact us by emailing at or give us a call at +91-955-555-7095 for the details. Alternatively, you can fill in your details here, and we will call you back. We even offer several options, depending on your budget. If you want your package to reach Europe from Delhi/NCR faster, you will have to shell a bit more money. Don’t worry! We offer discounts too, which you can avail anytime.

You can even track your parcel anytime you want. When you book with us, we will give you a tracking number, which you can use to follow your package. It usually takes 3 to 5 days to deliver a package from Delhi/NCR to Europe, all thanks to the efficient air and road networks with Europe. It may take up to 7 working days for the package to reach less accessible and far-reaching regions of Europe. So don’t waste any more time and give us a call right away.